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The digital English-language publication Ship&Offshore provides maritime technical specialist information for the global shipbuilding and offshore markets. Trends and developments with a focus on shipbuilding, ship technology, offshore technology and ship operation are presented.

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New Ships

New Ships is an exclusive weekly information service in English. It provides clear and concise information about the most important developments in the international shipbuilding industry.

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Maritime Archives

The specialist database for shipbuilding, shipping and maritime technology contains all specialist articles from Schiff&Hafen and Ship&Offshore since 2010 as well as all issues of New Ships since 2017. Current articles will be activated immediately with the newly published issues.

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The German-language trade journal Schiff&Hafen informs monthly with high technical competence about current trends and new developments from all ranges of the maritime business in the regular sections Shipbuilding & Ship Technology, Offshore & Ocean Technology, Shipping & Ports, and Career & Personnel.

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