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Rotterdam ups the ante in ‘smart port’ race

Monday, 11 Feb 2019

The Port of Rotterdam has commissioned a new internet-of-things (IoT) platform, developed by partners IBM, Cisco, Esri and Axians.

The system uses a network of sensors to provide hydro and meteo data particularly for the planning and management of shipping

The system is based on a network of sensors which provide real-time water and weather data designed to improve the efficiency of the port’s operations.
Sensors are incorporated on and in quay walls, dolphins, waterways, roads and traffic signs, generating continuous data that communicate with other autonomous systems, the port authority explained. This paves the way for the future development of autonomous shipping in the port.
“It’s a fantastic step in the development of Rotterdam as ‘smartest port’,” declared Ronald Paul, the port’s COO. “Just as important, however, is that the cloud platform and the generated real-time information, which includes infrastructure, water and weather condition data, enable us to further improve mission-critical processes in the service to our clients.”