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Kotug scoops award for tugboat energy efficiency

Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017

Rotterdam-based Kotug International has won the Maritime Innovation Award 2017 for its heat regeneration system which stores heat developed during tugboat operations and uses it when the vessel is idle for functions including climate control and keeping engines warm.

This is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the use of electricity supplied from shore. The tug, ZP Bison, owned by Kotug Smit Towage and fitted with the company’s heat recycling system, which uses phase change material (PCM) technology, has cut its shore power requirements by 50%, with corresponding emission reductions.
Koos Smoor, Kotug’s manager Fleet Performance & Innovation, said: “The use of phase change material (PCM) technology is new in the maritime industry and has great potential not only for tugboats, but for every type of vessel, as it can be tailored to different spaces and user profiles. Kotug is looking into more applications for temperature control purposes.”
The family-owned firm operates vessels in the harbour and terminal towage, offshore, and salvage sectors in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean.