The X-Gas project is a series of innovative medium-capacity liquified Gas/gas bunkering tankers (Source: Knud E. Hansen)

X-Gas project vessel to lead to next-generation bunkering

A new design series for medium-capacity liquified gas/gas bunkering tankers has been revealed by Danish marine architect Knud E. Hansen.

The centre of the project, called the X-Gas, is a 126.5m-long vessel with a total cargo capacity of 9,000cu.m, split between two Type C tanks. The vessel can be customised to accommodate a range of tank capacities, as well as various containment systems including membrane tanks.

The vessel has a low profile, forward deck house. This enables it to safely approach and pull alongside cruise ships with low-hanging lifeboats. This also minimises the need for ballast during cargo transfer, lowering operational costs. The design features a fuel-efficient diesel-electric power and propulsion plant. Integrated with the propulsion plant is an Energy Storage System (ESS) with a lithium-ion battery bank that allows for engine load optimisation with reduced methane slip.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore