Four container vessels will be fitted with the CCS-ready scrubber systems (Source: Wärtsilä)

Wärtsilä to deliver its first CCS-ready scrubber systems

The technology group Wärtsilä announced that it has received its first order for carbon capture and storage (CCS)-ready scrubber systems. Four 8,200 TEU container vessels, being built at an undisclosed Asian shipyard, are to be fitted with Wärtsilä’s CCS-ready 35MW scrubbers in an open loop configuration.

The scrubbers are termed to be CCS-ready as Wärtsilä will undertake additional design and engineering work as part of their installation to ensure future upgrades for a full CCS system on the ships have already been taken into account during construction.

The company will take measures to ensure adequate space for the future installation of the CCS system, incorporate considerations for minimising idle load and optimising utilities, and prepare the control and automation system accordingly. CCS-ready scrubbers will also be designed for integration with a particulate matter filter.

By installing scrubbers that have been designed with the space and capabilities to have a CCS unit added, Wärtsilä aims to enable shipowners to future-proof their existing assets.
Scott Oh, director at Wärtsilä’s Exhaust Treatment Asia, said: "We are very excited to announce this world-first order for our CCS-ready scrubber solution. By investing in a CCS-ready scrubber, shipowners will future-proof their assets and enable a smooth transition to CCS adoption once the technology is mature in the very near future. CCS is one of the key solutions to enable maritime decarbonisation in a short timeframe, and we look forward to progressing our technology further."

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore