The MAN B&W 8S35ME-B, being released from its test foundation and prepared for shipment, after type approval testing

Type approval for MAN B&W engine S35ME-B

MAN Diesel has performed a main engine Type Approval Test (TAT) for its smallest member of the electronically controlled ME-B family.

The test programme for the MAN B&W S35ME-B ran over three days with a comprehensive range of test runs. All international classification societies members of IACS were present for a presentation of the engine, test bed trials, tests of safety devices, survey of performance data and thorough inspection of engine internals and dismantled key components.

The type test program was fulfilled with fine results and the component inspection showed very satisfactory results. The conclusion of the TAT-days was crowned by a small ceremony summing up on all results before the duly signing of the general document. The engine, which has undergone the TAT, is the second S35ME-B unit produced in Denmark, developing 6960 kW at 167 r/min, in an 8-cylinder execution. Like its predecessor, it will be delivered to Soli Trading & Shipbuilding Industry S.A., Turkey. Powering a newbuilding, the 8S35ME-B engine will be in fitted to drive MAN Diesel’s 4.4-metre Alpha CP Propeller type VBS 1280 and from the front-end, a 1,200-kW step-up gear and alternator.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore