Rendering of the CIT-E Ferry (Source: Torqeedo)

Torqeedo and Fassmer Shipyard announce electric ferry concept

Germany’s Fassmer Shipyard and Torqeedo, a producer of electric drive systems, have announced a fully electric ferry concept for public transport.

The Fassmer CIT-E Ferry is powered by a Torqeedo integrated drive system. The CIT-E Ferry can be operated in inner-city waterways for 8-14 hours, leaving time for overnight charging. Fassmer's CIT-E Ferry is ES-TRIN 2021 compliant with up to a 100-passenger capacity. The modular concept with a catamaran hull allows the customer to adapt the vessel's overall length from 12m to 24m depending on the route served.

"Decades-old marine diesel engines power most commercial fleets in European cities. The CO2 emissions are not in line with the international goals to reduce global warming, and human health is also at risk. Our cities' air quality suffers from emissions, particularly due to ferries which dock frequently. Our CIT-E Ferry design with electric drive offers the urban mobility of the future without any air or noise pollution," states Fassmer's sales manager for boats and davits, Wolfgang Moewes.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore