Strategic partnership

MAN Diesel PrimeServ and Maersk Fluid Technology have agreed to form a strategic partnership, where MAN Diesel PrimeServ will represent Maersk Fluid Technology’s SEA-Mate® line of products to operators of MAN Diesel equipment in both the marine and stationary power markets and on a global scale.


The philosophy behind the SEA-Mate® product line is to provide innovative and technologically-advanced products, services and solutions with respect to fuels or lubricants used in marine or stationary power equipment, allowing operators the utmost flexibility, advanced performance and significantly-reduced operating costs. Initially, the focus will be on two-stroke engines and both the optimisation of system and cylinder-lubricant usage as well as improved engine performance. In addition, tools are provided to allow for near real-time oil analysis as an enabler for predictive maintenance of any rotating machinery aboard vessels, capable of communication to home-base as well as utilising neural networking for vessel-by-vessel, fleet-by-fleet, equipment-by-equipment optimisation.

The initial systems provided, namely the SEA-Mate® Analyzer and SEA-Mate® Blending on Board (sold collectively, or the analyser separately) developed by Maersk Fluid Technology will enable operators to analyse lubricants and fuels in near real-time for fluid and engine performance and thus allow for the fine-tuning of engine operation, states MAN Diesel. At the same time, the blending of used system oil with a suited and MAN Diesel-approved additive package to provide a flexible composition cylinder oil meeting actual fuel sulphur level requirements, allows for not only significantly reduced cost, optimised cylinder-oil feed rate and supply security, but also reduces environmental impact. In addition, various other fluid solutions and services are under development and expected to be introduced to the market in 2009.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore