Illustration of the InfinityMAX (Source: Stena Bulk)

Stena Bulk presents new bulk carrier concept

Gothenburg-based Stena Bulk has unveiled a modular, zero-carbon bulk carrier, designed for the simultaneous carriage of dry, liquid and gas cargoes to maximise efficiency.

The InfinityMAX builds on the concept of combination carriers, which were designed to minimise ballast hauls and raise ship efficiency through the carriage of dry and liquid bulk cargoes. However, Stena’s concept breaks entirely new ground in terms of fuel technology and operational parameters.

It envisages that the ship itself will use hydrogen as fuel, supplemented by wind turbines for additional energy. Collapsible wing sails and a shark-skin hull will also aid efficiency.

Meanwhile, the separate modular cargo compartments are designed so that they can be detached outside ports for collection by tugs, saving time and reducing the risk of congestion. These cargo spaces will be self-sufficient in energy requirements, with their own solar panels and wind turbines generating the electricity required for their internal systems.

Although the vessel will be manned, it will be semi-autonomous. Crew members are likely to have different functions compared with seafarers today, carrying out more oversight and system monitoring functions, and liaising more closely with shore-based personnel.

Stena Bulk believes that such vessels could enter service in the first half of the 2030s.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore