The PSV Stril Orion is one of the vessels that will be converted (Source:Harald m. Valderhaug)

Simon Møkster opts for hybrid conversions from Vard

Two Simon Møkster Shipping platform supply vessels (PSVs), Stril Orion (built in 2011) and Stril Polar (2012) are to be converted to hybrid units with the installation of SeaQ Energy Storage Systems from Vard Electro. The ships’ conversions, which will take place late this year, will qualify them for DNV Battery Power notation.

Vard Electro will supply SeaQ battery packs and deckhouse energy storage systems for the vessels. The company will manage the entire project, including engineering, steelwork, installation, integration, testing and commissioning.

On completion, the hybrid vessels will be capable of using excess energy from stored battery power in all operating conditions, at sea and in port. Fewer engines will be required online at any one time, and those that are in use will be able to operate at optimal load. Fuel consumption, emissions, and maintenance requirements will all be reduced by a significant margin.

Tom Karlsen, the shipowner’s chief technology officer, commented: “We are glad to be partnering up with Vard Electro for a second time. With a goal to further increase our fleet’s efficiency and to become more environmentally friendly, Vard Electro and their SeaQ technology was a natural choice for us.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore