One of Siem Offshore’s subsea vessel will be equipped with two battery packs (Source: Siem Offshore)

Siem to install Vard Electro energy system on subsea construction vessel

Siem Offshore is to install a Vard Electro’s SeaQ Energy Storage System with two battery packs and a DC link on one of its subsea construction vessels in preparation for deployment in the offshore wind sector.

The installation, which will enable the vessel to operate entirely on electricity while manoeuvring in port or working in restricted areas, is due to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2022. Fuel savings have been estimated at up to 20%.

At sea, the batteries will be used as a spinning reserve instead of generators, enabling power to be optimally aligned to immediate requirements while also ensuring suitable redundancy. Peak shaving, meanwhile, enables the batteries to supplement engine power when necessary, potentially replacing the need to start another engine. Lower engine maintenance costs offer another benefit, according to Vard Electro.

Noting the growing demand for hybrid retrofits in the offshore sector, Vard Electro head of Commercial Sales, Gisle Anderssen, said: “A significant benefit of battery storage is that it enhances the responsiveness of propulsion and other systems due to instant power response in line with load variations, offsetting slower ramp speeds with less responsive engines.”

Siem Offshore’s Operations manager, Jon A. Houge, commented: “The flexibility of the SeaQ ESS system that enables it to be easily integrated with a vessel’s existing systems, as well as its advanced functionality, were key factors in our selection of Vard Electro for this retrofit to reduce our environmental footprint.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore