The X92DF engine will be installed on four 14,000-TEU container ships (Source: WinGD)

PIL’s new container ships to have dual-fuel engines

Singapore-based Pacific International Lines (PIL) has chosen WinGD X92DF-2.0 dual-fuel engines for four 14,000-TEU container ships under construction at Jiangnan Shipyard in China. The ships, billed as ‘ammonia-ready’, will be able to use gas or liquid fuels, the company said.

The engines will incorporate WinGD’s Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling (iCER) technology designed to minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Not only does it reduce fuel consumption by 3% in gas mode and 5% in diesel mode, but it also reduces methane slip by up to 50% when burning LNG, WinGD claims.

The engine company’s remote support system – WinGD Integrated Digital Expert (WiDE) – and its support of ships’ crews in the operation of engines based on new technologies was another positive factor in PIL’s choice of propulsion technology.

The engine designer’s director of Sales, Volkmar Galke, commented: “We have made a firm commitment to the energy transition, and to delivering engine technologies capable of operating with clean alternative marine fuels. Working with technology-focused customers like PIL ensures that we will reach these goals.

“This first order for ammonia-ready vessels with our dual-fuel, low-pressure X92DF-2.0 engines reflects our capabilities in offering customers zero-carbon or carbon-neutral fuel solutions,” Galke continued. “It means that our customers can already invest today with confidence in future fuel-ready engine technology.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore