Taro Ultra Advanced 40 was tested extensively on vessels with the MAN 8G80ME-C9.2 engines in conjunction with shipowners including Greece’s Cape Shipping SA

(Source: Chevron)

New Chevron cylinder oil meets MAN high-performance requirements

A new lubricating oil (luboil) from Chevron Marine Lubricants – Taro Ultra Advanced 40 – has successfully completed tests and meets MAN Energy Solutions’ requirements for use in Category II engines. The engine company has issued a ‘No Objections Letter’ for high-performance engines Mk 9 or later. 

The new luboil has a base number of 40 (40BN), making it suitable for use with Category II engines operating on very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO). Although luboils with high base numbers function effectively in engines in this category burning heavy fuel oil (HFO), the development of technology for low base number luboils and VLSFO operation has proved more challenging, the company explained.  

The new luboil has been tested extensively on vessels with MAN 8G80ME-C9.2 engines with ship operators including Cape Shipping SA of Greece. The company’s technical manager explained how the new oil has made a difference. “We were operating our engines on 40BN cylinder oil and VLSFO, however, we had to run alternating with 100BN oil to keep our MAN G80ME-C9.2 engine clean,” he said. “We have now operated for extended time, on Chevron’s new high-performance 40BN cylinder oil and have seen a significant improvement. We no longer have to alternate between the two products to have excellent looking engine cylinder conditions. Having a single product for all our operational conditions reduces greatly the complexity of the operations for our crew.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore