The methanol-fuelled tanker Stena Pro Patria on its sea trials (Source: Guangzhou Shipyard International)

Methanol dual-fuelled tanker begins sea trials in China

The first of three 49,990dwt methanol-powered dual-fuel tankers, Stena Pro Patria, has started sea trials in China. Built at Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) for Proman Stena Bulk, the tanker is the first vessel with this fuel arrangement to be built in China.

Sister ships, Stena Pro Marine and Stena Prosperous, are due for delivery later this year and the Chinese shipyard has confirmed that it is extending the deal to build three additional ships to the same design.

In a statement, GSI vice president, William Zhou, described the start of sea trials as ‘a watershed moment’ in the development of methanol as an alternative fuel for MR tankers. He said that NOx emissions will be dramatically reduced on board the vessels, which will use about 12,500 tonnes of methanol annually in MAN dual-fuel 6G50ME C9.6 engines.

More than 70 million tonnes of methanol are produced annually. It is widely available around the world and can be stored and supplied at ambient temperature and pressure. Although it is a hydrocarbon and produced using natural gas, green methanol can be made from renewable feedstocks or as an electro-fuel. Green methanol, therefore, is one of shipping’s potential zero-carbon future fuels.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore