The BG Onyx is one of the container vessels to have the system installed

(Source: BG Freight Line)

Logistics operator to install carbon capture systems

Rotterdam-based logistics firm, BG Freight Line, is to install carbon capture systems on two container vessels chartered from German owner, HS Schiffahrt. The Filtree filtering and carbon capture systems from Value Maritime will be fitted to the 2010-built container ship sisters, BG Onyx and BG Ruby, both of 803 TEU, this summer. 

The ships’ Filtree installations will incorporate the Clean-Loop system, enabling them to continue their north European operations producing less carbon. This will then be landed ashore at Value Maritime outlets across the region.

The Filtree system cleans both air and water potentially from all ship types and incorporates a carbon capture system that can enhance the emissions performance of both existing ships and newbuildings, raising sustainability and ensuring that ships are future-proof for tomorrow, Value Maritime said.

The exhaust gas cleaning system, based on patented technology, also filters sulphur and particulates. Carbon from exhaust gas is used to charge a CO2 battery which can be offloaded and used to assist the growth of flowers and other crops, or used to enrich future fuels, such as methanol, for dual-fuelled vessels, the company explained.

Value Maritime director and co-founder, Maarten Lodewijks, commented: “A green and financial dividend is the best of both worlds. Not only can our clients reduce their carbon emissions with a system that’s cleaner than marine gasoil and capture carbon on board their small-to-large-sized vessels, but they can also generate substantial fuel savings, and earn back their investment in one to two-and-a-half years.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore