The DOP is among the first locally built dredgers in Argentinian history (Source: Damen)

Locally built dredger in Argentina

Argentine yard SPI Servicios Portuarios Integrados will build a dredger using a DOP Dredger component package from Damen Shipyards Group in the Netherlands. The Argentinian shipyard will build major components itself and assemble the dredger.

The vessel of type DOP Dredger 250 will be used to dredge underneath a floating dock which the shipyard wants to keep operational full-time. The dock will remain in place and continue work during the dredging.

SPI has a large yard in the bay of Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires. Beside the newbuilding of tugs, fishing vessels and barges, the yard also has a repair division. The 150m-long floating dock is in use round-the-clock for repairing local vessels. So towing away the dock for dredging activities is not desirable.

The DOP Dredger is among the first locally built dredgers in Argentinian history. The type-DD250 vessel is a standard dismountable dredger which has been designed to remove silt or sand from in a dredging depth of 2.5m to 15m dredging depth. The dredger can pump some 1,250cu.m an hour using a 250mm pipe line. The total installed power amounts to 395 kW. Specific equipment including dredging pump, accessory equipment and control equipment will be provided by Damen.

The new dredger will not be used in Mar del Plata only. The modular construction enables transport by road. SPI is planning to relocate the dredger regularly to their other two shipyards for maintenance work. The dredger is due to be operational early 2021.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore