Illsutration of the Albatross yacht

(Source: Lloyd-Werft)

Lloyd Werft and Stay Sea Design launch “green yacht” concept

Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven and the design office Stay Sea Design have launched the “green yacht” concept Albatross.

In addition to a conventional propulsion system, powered by marine gasoil, the yacht concept includes the utilisation of rigid sail technology and solar panels. By this, energy consumption and the CO2 footprint is to be reduced by up to 40%, the companies said in a joint statement. 

The operational profile of the Albatross is divided into harbour/anchor mode and sea/sailing mode. While in harbour/anchor mode, energy is generated by six methanol fuel cells of 200 kW each, assisted by the sails and solar panels with a 4 MW lithium-ion battery storage application allowing pow­er to be captured 24 hours a day.

The vessel utilises a DC grid for controlling and delivering all energy suppliers and consumers.

In sea/sailing mode, propulsion is generated by four main engines of 1,800 kW each, coupled in pairs to two gearboxes incorporating a PTO / PTI hybrid system for a 1,000 kW generator / motor attached to a control­lable pitch propeller system.

The main engines are powered using conventional marine gasoil, as there is little alternative for longer voyages, but consumption is reduced while utilising the rigid wing sail technology.

For use in both modes there are four 400 kW rim drive thrusters installed.

The interior of Albatross features a gym, a spa, several saloons and dining areas to host events and welcome up to 14 guests on board. Furthermore, there is ample space for sports equipment and a helideck, according to its designers.

The yacht is intended to run with a crew of about 40 people, with a maximum of 46 berths in single and double cabins.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore