Tennor Ocean is being launched in the large shipbuilding hall at Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (Source: FSG)

Launch of freight ferry Tennor Ocean marks major milestone for FSG

The launch of the 210m-long RoRo ferry, Tennor Ocean, at Flensburger Shiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) marks a new beginning for the shipyard as the first such occasion since the shipbuilder underwent a restructuring. The vessel was commissioned by IVP Ship Invest, a company within the Tennor Group owned by Lars Windhorst, who also owns the shipyard.

The RoRo type 4100 design, developed by FSG and built several times before, is a freight ferry with capacity for 279 trailers over 4,000 lane-metres and four decks. Following installation of final technical equipment over the summer, sea trials will be carried out later in the year. FSG claims ‘unrivalled low fuel consumption’ for the vessel.

Flensburg Mayor and ship sponsor, Simone Lange, named the vessel prior to the launch. “As mayor of Flensburg, I have always believed in the future of our shipyard and am therefore particularly pleased to be here today and to take on the honourable role of this ship’s sponsor.”

The shipyard’s owner, Windhorst, said: “For me, today’s launch is a sign and symbol of a strong future for FSG. It is thanks to the great shipbuilding expertise of the shipyard and the commitment of the employees that we are able to celebrate this day. Incidentally, this also puts us in a position to be able to make an important contribution to the ‘turnaround’ proclaimed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz with regard to equipping the navy.”

IVP Ship Invest is currently in talks with various parties on the possible sale or charter of the vessel.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore