The new products are said to keep hulls cleaner for longer (Source: Jotun)

Jotun claims more predictable performance for new coating range

Sandfjord-based Jotun has revealed details of three new products in its existing biocide-based SeaForce range. The three coatings incorporate HydractiveTM technology which, the company claims, ensures that biocides are released in a more predictable pattern over the lifetime of the products, providing more stable performance and keeping ships’ hulls cleaner for longer. The SeaForce range was originally launched 15 years ago.
The new products are SeaForce Shield, a protective coating; SeaForce Active, which protects hulls whether or not vessels are in use; and SeaForce Active Plus, designed “to deliver premium protection at an affordable price”, the company said in a statement. The latter two coatings have a triple biocide package, one of which is the same biocide combination used in the company’s SeaQuantum products.
“SeaForce is a cornerstone portfolio in our marine coating range,” said Dr Erik Risberg, the paint manufacturer’s Global marketing director. “We felt the time was right to push its performance further, providing next level protection for our customers while consolidating its position with the marketplace. Shipping has changed over the last decade and a half, creating differenct customer need, and we want to evolve with that demand to keep delivery optimal solutions. That, in essence, led to the idea for Hydractive technology.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore