Two RoPax cruise ferries Cruise Barcelona and Cruise Roma owned by Italian Grimaldi Group have each been retrofitted with 5,5-MWh energy storage systems to enable zero-emissions operation in port stay (Source: Corvus Energy)

Grimaldi completes Corvus battery retrofits on two cruise ferries

Italian ferry group Grimaldi has installed 5.5-MWh Corvus Energy batteries on two cruise ferries, Cruise Barcelona and Cruise Roma, enabling each vessel to operate solely on battery power, free of emissions, during port calls of up to four hours. The batteries are said to be the largest yet to have been retrofitted on a cruise ferry.
Roger Rosvold, senior vice president Sales at Corvus Energy, said: “An energy storage system this massive had never before been retrofitted on board a cruise ferry vessel. It’s clear now that if shipowners are willing to go green, the technology exists. We are extremely proud to be chosen to supply such a groundbreaking installation.”
The company’s energy storage systems (ESS) are based on its Orca ESS portfolio and Corvus has now completed more than 200 projects, totalling over 200 MWh and more than two million operating hours. 
The Grimaldi Group operates pure car truck carriers, RoRo and passenger ferries in the Mediterranean Sea and Northern Europe.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore