C-H2 Ship general arrangement (Source: GEV)

GEV starts working on pilot-scale C-H2 Ship

Australian company Global Energy Ventures (GEV) has announced a plan to build a hydrogen transport vessel of about 430 tonnes capacity. The 430-tonne ship specification will be a scaled version of the 2,000-tonne C-H2 ship, that received AIP in March 2021.

The vessel aims to provide capacity to inject hydrogen into natural gas pipelines for blending. The design for the containment system is made up of two large circular 12m diameter tanks, contained within the hull of the ship, that will store ambient temperature hydrogen at an operating pressure of 250 bar and will have a combined containment capacity of 430 tonnes of hydrogen. Propulsion will be electric drive supported by the advancements in hydrogen blended generation and hydrogen fuel cells.

The vessel development programme is targeting American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approval in principle in the third quarter of 2021 and full class approvals late in 2022. Construction is said to start early 2023 first operation start to be in mid 2020s.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore