The ferry will operate in the Baltic Sea and have capacity of more than 1,000 lane meters for train cargo and 1,500 lane meters for trucks

(Source: Deltamarin)

Deltamarin to design green freight ferry for Baltic service

Finnish ship design firm, Deltamarin, has been commissioned by Oy Fennorail Ltd, to design a freight ferry capable of carrying both truck and train cargoes. The EUROCARRIER train ferry, with 1,000 lane-metres of train capacity and 1,500 lane-metres for trucks, will operate across the Baltic Sea linking Finland with the European TEN-T railway network and markets in eastern central and southern Europe.

The ship is to be designed for sustainable operation with multifuel engines that can operate on LNG, a mixture of LNG and green hydrogen, or marine gas oil. Two 360-degree rotating pods will provide effective propulsion and maximum manoeuvrability, the company said.

Jaakko Lappi, Deltamarin sales manager, said: “We are very happy that Fennorail with its partners have selected Deltamarin to design this unique vessel, which aims to connect Finland to the European railway network and support the goals of the Paris Agreement by moving part of the road cargo to rail, offering significant emission cuts per transported cargo tonne-kilometre. Deltamarin is known as the leading designer for environmentally friendly vessels, and this project is a good continuation of our pathway towards zero-carbon shipping.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore