Full spade rudders will enable considerable fuel savings for two new 7,100 TEU container vessels that Danaos Shipping aims to take in operation mid 2024 (Source: Van der Velden)


Danaos container ships to have low-drag rudders from Damen

Two 7,100-TEU container ships under construction at Dalian Shipyard for Danaos Shipping are to low-drag rudders supplied by Damen Marine Components. The Van der Velden® Atlantic Rudders are designed to improve water flow, reduce turbulence, and save fuel. Rudders for the two feeder ships will be designed using asymmetric rudder technology (ART) principles. A slim leading edge will minimise drag and a rudder bulb in the wake of the propeller will reduce turbulence and contribute to improved hydrodynamic performance, Damen said.

The two ships, due for delivery in the second and third quarters of 2024, will be built ready to use methanol as fuel. They will comply with IMO Tier III emission standards and Energy Efficiency Design Index Phase III.

Dr John Coustas, Danaos CEO, commented: “These vessels are at the forefront of new technology. With this order, Danaos will continue to maximise efficiency with a focus on creating value for our shareholders.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore