The Containerized ESS comes as a complete plug-in system (Source: ABB)

Containerised energy storage offers plug-in battery power

ABB has developed a new containerised energy storage system (ESS). Called Containerized ESS, the new complete plug-in system is housed in a 20ft high-cube ISO container and ready to integrate with the vessel’s main power distribution system, ABB said in a statement.

The Containerized ESS is said to bring new simplicity to energy storage retrofitting, with all batteries, converters, transformer, controls, cooling and auxiliary equipment pre-assembled in the self-contained unit for ‘plug and play’ use.

“Fuel savings, lower emissions and increased safety during operation and maintenance are the demand drivers for energy storage systems in the newbuild ship market, where ABB has extensive experience. With Containerized ESS, we are delighted to be able to offer these benefits to owners of existing ships with a one-stop retrofit solution,” said Jyri Jusslin, head of Service, ABB Marine & Ports.

The Containerized ESS is suitable for integration on board a wide variety of ships. Offshore support vessels, for instance, would particularly benefit from a self-contained solution, as the electrical room space on board is especially limited, ABB noted. Flexible and cost-effective energy storage system technology would also be relevant to container ships, ferries, drill ships and other vessel types.

“The Containerized ESS expands integration options across multiple types of ships and delivers a solution that can be fully serviced from outside the unit for enhanced safety. Knowing that there is a simple way to integrate an energy storage system could be the extra encouragement needed for owners to consider incorporating batteries for vessel efficiency and, especially, for sustainable power,” said Jusslin.

According to its developer, the Containerized ESS offers one of the highest energy densities in the market within a 20ft container, offering a standardised installation, which adds up to lower costs and faster delivery.

The system is also supported by the ABB Ability™ Marine Remote Diagnostics System, which offers continuous monitoring for preventive maintenance and fast and easy system repair.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore