Illustration of the catamaran ferry for Transtejo-Transportes Tejo (Source: Gondan)

Construction of Transtejo ferries starts at Gondan

Spanish shipbuilder Astilleros Gondan has started construction of ten electric ferries for the Portuguese river passenger transport operator Transtejo-Transportes Tejo S.A.

With a capacity of around 540 passengers, they will operate on the Tagus river between the banks of Lisbon and the south of the Portuguese capital.

The contract, signed last October, has now received the approval of the Portuguese auditing agency. The cost was not revealed but was said to be worth over 50 million euros.

The 40m-long ferries will be powered entirely by electricity. They will have a catamaran hull optimised to make the most of the almost 2 MWh of electrical energy stored in its batteries, with extremely quiet operation and no carbon dioxide emissions. With a construction programme of ten vessels, Gondan’s glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) Division has a stable workload until 2024.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore