The Polarcus Naila at the shipyard in Portugal (Source: Navalrocha)


Complex seismic repair completed in Portugal

Portuguese shipyard, Navalrocha, has successfully completed a complex repair on the 14-streamer seismic vessel, Polarcus Naila. The 33-day drydock project, carried out in one of the yard’s graving docks, spanned the Christmas period and involved a large number of specialist marine engineering firms operating at the Navalrocha shipyard facility.

Sergio Rodrigues, commercial director, commented that the yard benefits from the fact that its graving docks are better suited to the repair and maintenance of heavy vessels, as compared with floating docks. “This is where Navalrocha offers a significant advantage to competitors,” he said, “and we are keen to open the door to many more projects involving seismic survey vessels and ships with similar dimensions such as OSVs, PSVs and AHTs.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore