Bureau Veritas has joined the Maritime Battery Forum to support the development and deployment of batteries within the maritime industry (Source: BV)

BV joins global battery network

Classification society Bureau Veritas (BV) has signed up to the Maritime Battery Forum (MBF), a network of companies and organisations established in 2014 which aims to further the development and deployment of batteries in the maritime and offshore sectors. Its 60 members and 19 collaborative partners cover every link in the battery value chain.

The fast-evolving battery sector is already assisting in shipping’s decarbonisation drive but has the potential to go much further across a wider range of sectors. BV noted in a statement that battery technology has the potential to provide shipowners with a competitive advantage; to offer shipyards a chance to gain expertise; and to provide access to new markets for equipment manufacturers.

The classification society’s Paul Delouche, director of Strategy & Advanced Services, said: “Batteries are part of the growing list of solutions to achieve carbon-neutral shipping. We are very pleased to join the MBF. Being a member will enable BV to expand our expertise in this fast-moving area. Our role as a class society is to bring together different stakeholders and help find solutions for the industry. The Forum is a perfect opportunity for us to help accelerate the technologies and their integration on board large vessels.”

BV’s Rules for battery-powered ships are updated every six months to reflect advances in the fast-moving sector. It has three battery notations covering safe installation and operation, hybrid applications, and systems in which batteries may be installed at a future date.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore