The craft can be deployed in various scenarios

BMT provides fast fire-fighting vessel design to Singapore yard

The UK’s BMT Specialised Ship Design, a subsidiary of BMT and formerly known as BMT Nigel Gee, has completed and delivered the design for a 35m-long, aluminium, high-speed fire-fighting vessel to Penguin Shipyard in Singapore.

BMT has worked closely with Penguin throughout the tender process to provide a cost-effective design that meets Singapore’s Civil Defence Forces’ requirements.
The vessel’s fully redundant fire-fighting capability exceeds standard class requirements with three monitors and three interconnected pumps with a total discharge flow rate of 3,000m3/hour. It has self-spray protection, a foam system and can be used as a pump station to support fire-fighting operations on shore.
The craft can be deployed in chemical, biological or radiological (CBR) contaminated areas. It has an airtight citadel to protect personnel from the effects of CBR exposure and the system is installed with 100% redundancy in its filtration and air-conditioning equipment. It also has a decontamination room and two air locked access points to the citadel.  
BMT’s principal naval architect, Sylvain Julien, said: “We’ve worked with Penguin Shipyard previously on a number of vessel designs including high-speed crew boats and passenger ferries. This new design, for a governmental organisation, is clear demonstration of our joint ability to deliver on complex and challenging vessel design requirements.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore