The amphibian CTV can be used in particularly shallow water areas and can also reach silted-up wind turbines  (Source: RWE)

Partners develop amphibious CTV

The energy company RWE and the southern English ship charter company Commercial Rib Charter (CRC) have developed an amphibious vessel for use as a crew transfer vessel (CTV) in particularly shallow and silted-up areas of water. The CRC Walrus is being built at Diverse Marine shipyard on the Isle of Wight and is scheduled to enter service in September.

The development of a land-going vessel became necessary in order to continue to be able to bring service technicians to turbines and installations at the Scroby Sands offshore wind farm. The 60-MW wind farm, which was built on a natural sandbank, is one of the first offshore installations in the UK. However, due to progressive siltation, four turbines can no longer be reached by conventional maintenance vessels. The fully seaworthy CTV CRC Walrus will be equipped with two wheels at the bow and one at the stern and thus be able to go ashore. It will have a deck cargo capacity of 1000 kg and offer space for ten technicians and two crew members.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore