Marine Resources and Beyond 2011

The marine realm holds a magnitude of resources that play an important role in our society. Therefore, present and future issues relating to marine resources are of high societal relevance, including large sectors such as energy generation, food and medicines, environmental protection and climate change. Hosted by the Institute for Marine Resources (IMARE) and supported by local research institutes and enterprises, the conference Marine Resources and Beyond (MRB) provides a platform to discuss, share and exchange research outcomes and ideas with reference to these issues. The main focus of MRB is on the sustainable use of marine resources and to strengthen research and innovation in different sectors.
The conference will be divided into six sessions that are represented by the individual departments of the IMARE and additional partners. The topics are:
-    Blue Photonics (Optical sensors and methods for sea-operational use)
-    Mariculture Innovations (Aquaculture within open ocean systems and recirculated systems)
-    Bionic Lightweight Structures (Constructions and technical solutions modelled on marine evolution)
-    Bioengineering Aquatic Environments (Fouling-prevention on marine groundings , platforms and sensors)
-    Biosensors (Verification procedure and monitoring of soiling influences)
-    Fuel Cells (Future use of sediment and marine organisms for energy production)
There will be also synoptic and common sessions with the intention to build up international networks and generate synergies.
The convention will take place in Bremerhaven, Germany in the Atlantic Convention Center from 5th -7th September 2011. Abstract subm

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore