Illustration of the new SOV design (Source: BMT)

BMT unveils mid-sized SOV design

London-based BMT, a marine engineering design consultancy, has launched a new 48m-long service operation vessel (SOV), targeting the market sector lying between smaller crew transfer vessels and large SOVs. The company claims that mid-sized vessels offer a more cost-effective option for meeting offshore operational requirements.

Unveiled at the annual Offshore Support Journal conference in London, the methanol-ready design has a diesel-electric engine configuration and a small water plane area twin hull (SWATH) hull for optimal seakeeping and maximum uptime.

The vessel has a 30m motion-compensated gangway, an adaptable remotely operated vehicle (ROV) bay and control room, and space for uncrewed surface vessels of up to five metres in length. It also has a dedicated bay for an 8.5m-long daughter craft.

BMT’s senior naval architect, Alex Blake, said: “In an industry facing rapid changes, the BMT 48m SOV is a testament to our commitment to leading innovation in offshore vessel design. Drawing on our extensive experience and understanding of market needs, this vessel is not just a response to current demands but a proactive step into the future of offshore operations, setting new standards in efficiency and environmental responsibility.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore