Illustration of the Lu Feng oil field

(Source: CRI)

ABS to class new Chinese FPSO

South Korea’s SK Innovation, operator of China’s Lu Feng 12-3 oil field, has chosen ABS class for a new 100,000dwt FPSO ordered for the energy reserve by China National Offshore Oil Company Energy and Technology Services Company (Cenertech).

The field will comprise a new wellhead platform and a modular drilling rig connected to the FPSO by a 3 km subsea cable and pipeline. The platform is now being built at China Petroleum Offshore Engineering Yard in Qingdao and will be the second largest such unit installed so far in Asia. The largest, Lu Feng 15-1, was also classed by ABS. 

Matt Tremblay, ABS senior vice president, Global Offshore, noted that the classification society certifies close to 60% of the world’s operating FPSO fleet. “We are proud to have the opportunity to cooperate with Cenertech on this important project,” he said.

Yao Zhiyi, project manager for the oil field’s FPSO development, commented: “Cenertech and the project team are sincerely grateful for the great support from ABS. A highly capable ABS team was engaged in the project in advance, which is a solid foundation for the success of the project and ensured it stayed on schedule. We look forward to further export support from ABS and to working together to accomplish the project successfully.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore