Yang Ming Anatolia was officially introduced in a ceremony

Yang Ming Anatolia is a rising force in the Mediterranean and Black Seas

Taiwanese shipping company Yang Ming Marine Corporation has established a partnership with Arkas Holding, Izmir. Yang Ming’s agency services in Turkey had been carried out by Egekont since 1995. On January 1, Arkas and Yang Ming founded Yang Ming Anatolia Shipping Agency S.A. in order to increase the quality of service and to provide rapid and effective response to customer demands.

This partnership is an indication that Yang Ming considers Turkey to be very important. Yang Ming Anatolia, which was formed from this partnership, was introduced to customers in a ceremony at the Arkas Holding headquarters. Arkas Chairman of the Board of Directors Lucien Arkas gave the opening speech at the reception, attended by two hundred guests. Mr. Arkas emphasized that doing business with the right partner results in success.
He said, “14 years ago we started with just providing agency services for Yang Ming, the national fleet for the Taiwanese government. Today, however, we have decided to establish Turkey as the hub for this operation and to carry out the management of the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea with a joint company in Turkey. I believe that our cooperation, which began with agency services, will expand even further with growth and progress in this direction.”
Bernard Arkas, Arkas Board Member and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yang Ming Anatolia, also made a speech in which he said, “It is very significant that the cooperation between Yang Ming and Arkas is being transformed into a partnership that will define the strategy for the region, because this new beginning is the first step for a rising force in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Yang Ming Chairman of the Board of Directors Frank Lu noted that Arkas was the right choice for this partnership as the company believe in Turkey's future. Yang Ming European Director C.H. Yeh said that he believed that Yang Ming will benefit from Anatolia’s dynamic environment and will achieve a more influential status in the Black Sea Region in the future.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore