Bjarne Foldager – senior vice president, head of Two-Stroke Business at MAN Energy Solutions (left) and Yong Lae Shim, vice president of SHI Ship and Offshore Research Institute (Source: MAN Energy Solutions)

MAN and Samsung in digital tie-up

MAN Energy Solutions and Samsung Heavy Industries have agreed to cooperate on a long-term strategy to develop technologies and systems for the digitalisation of marine engines. A key element of the agreement is the new digital platform, MAN CEON, which collects and evaluates operating and sensor data, enabling the real-time monitoring of main and auxiliary engines, turbines and compressors.
“Digital technologies and the business models based on the technologies will transform the maritime industry,” declared Brian Østergaard Sørensen, head of R&D Two-Stroke Business at MAN. “Samsung Heavy Industries is an important part of this industry and an important business partner for us. It makes sense to bring our experts together and explore how best to work in synch with our digital value creation chain.”
In a statement, MAN set out the scope of the agreement. It will focus on digitalisation of marine engine data including auxiliaries; data collection, diagnosis and visualisation in relation to marine engine performance; design and technology development of the architecture system required for the digitalisation process; engine integration systems, smartship platforms and engine diagnostics; and testing and verification of R&D results.

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Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore