Illustration of the floating cruise terminal concept (Source: Meyer Floating Solutions)

Meyer Floating Solutions launches modular cruise terminal concept

Finland-based Meyer Floating Solutions has unveiled plans for the world’s first floating cruise terminals. Described as an environmentally friendly and resourceful option for cruise ports, the company's floating terminal portfolio includes various designs and adaptable modules.

Part of Meyer Group, which owns three cruise shipyards, the company’s port development plans focus on flexibility and sustainability. Its floating terminals could be located in ports lacking significant infrastructure or at facilities where terminals need to be expanded or relocated.

Meyer Floating Solutionsʼ CEO, Kaj Casén, said: "Our floating cruise terminals offer a dynamic solution for ports seeking seamless expansion options, ensuring the safety and confidence of both public and private investors.ˮ

Floating assets up to full terminal size can be manufactured in a factory-like environment, such as a shipyard, thereby minimising local site works such as land reclamation, for example. It is also possible to keep existing safety and operational components in place.

The terminals can be built to include hotels, parking facilities, energy supply centres, or shopping complexes, for example, all produced at Meyer‘s construction facilities. Streamlined pier systems can minimise disruption to land infrastructure and the natural environment, the company said, while more sophisticated terminals can be built equipped with up to three piers and space to accommodate several ships simultaneously. Pier options range from 205m to 320m in length.

Casén commented: "Our terminals are deliberately engineered to be modular, empowering operators to adeptly meet escalating demand and enhance their facilities with minimal on-site complexity.ˮ

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore