LR and Green Marine focus on methanol training

Lloyd’s Register (LR) and Green Marine, a Danish consulting service provider that specialises in methanol as marine fuel, are to collaborate on expert training in methanol handling. The move comes as methanol fuel uptake gains ground, both for new ships and engine retrofits.

Methanol has significant potential as a marine fuel because it is easier to handle than most other fuels that are under development. It also has a lower carbon intensity and, in its green form, can reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 60-95%. However, LR said that there is still limited operational experience with methanol as a marine fuel, and its use presents challenges for seafarers and their upskilling. Shoreside competencies are also required to ensure its safe and efficient use.

The classification society’s chief commercial officer, Andy McKeran, commented: “This partnership reflects LR and Green Marine’s shared commitment to advancing sustainable solutions in the maritime sector. By leveraging our technical expertise and working collaboratively with Green Marine, we aim to accelerate the adoption of methanol as a viable and environmentally friendly fuel source, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for the maritime industry.”

Morten Jacobsen, Green Marine CEO, said: “Green Marine’s gold-standard methanol training curriculum was created based on practical knowledge gathered over a decade of experience working with methanol dual-fuel vessels. Our certified trainers are captains and chief engineers with first-hand knowledge of working with methanol as marine fuel and the safe handling of the same."

“The Green Marine methanol training curriculum is supplementing baseline regulatory training requirements with experience-based learning. We provide practical knowledge to support crews in adopting methanol dual-fuel technology and the safe handling of methanol,” he added.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore