(Source: DNV)

DNV leads JDP assessing hydrogen as fuel

DNV is leading a 26-partner consortium which has launched the Handbook for Hydrogen-fuelled Vessels. It is the first stage of a joint development project (JDP) focusing on the challenges of using hydrogen as a marine fuel.

Green hydrogen could play a crucial role in the maritime industry’s journey towards decarbonisation, DNV said. Many in shipping recognise hydrogen’s potential as a fuel, but the barriers to realising this potential are substantial.

The MarHySafe JDP aims to develop a sound basis for the safe use of hydrogen, and will build on the Handbook’s findings so far. These include an assessment of regulatory and safety barriers; an explanation of hydrogen’s properties as a fuel; and the identification of issues which require more attention.

The JDP is about to enter its second phase. This will include risk assessments, experimental testing, work on hydrogen bunkering, and standardisation. The Handbook will be updated continually as the project progresses.

Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, DNV Maritime CEO, said: “Green hydrogen is one of the zero-carbon fuels that could be vital to meeting the IMO greenhouse gas goals, but as with other new fuels, there are still significant challenges regarding its safe and widespread implementation. We are fortunate to be working with companies that are really ahead of the curve in terms of hydrogen operations. Having such esteemed partners and observers on board this project makes the insights gleaned all the more valuable.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore