ClassNK releases guidelines on 3D printing

Classification society, ClassNK, has issued Guidelines for Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) that set out approval requirements for the 3D printing of metallic equipment in shipping.

Additive manufacturing technology is now used in various sectors including cars, aerospace, medicine, and metallic components. However, its applications in the maritime field are limited so far.

The process, by which components are manufactured in layers of different materials – including metal, carbon fibre, plastic, resin, powder and graphene – is made possible based on 3D model data, enabling the creation of complex and high-precision products.

The ClassNK guidelines specify approval requirements for the feedstock used in the 3D printing of metalic marine equipment, the manufacturing process itself, and subsequent tests and inspections. The guidelines also provide details of terminology and information about the characteristics of materials such as metallic powder used in the manufacturing process.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore