SimFlex Cloud can also be used in augmented and virtual reality with headsets

(Source: Force Technology)

Bridge simulator system to improve training quality

A new bridge simulator system, SimFlex Cloud, launched by Denmark’s Force Technology, will use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to model real-life circumstances, enabling bridge officers to continue their training anywhere in the world.

The Software as a Service system allows customers to configure bridge training to suit their own requirements and can be used with qualified instructors from Force Technology or a company’s own training specialists. The system can also be used as a self-study resource, enabling officers of all ranks to practice on a laptop or desktop PC, with the optional VR and AR headsets for more realism.

SimFlex Cloud will also enable companies to reduce and optimise their training budgets, Force Technology said in a statement, citing the ‘widely held view’ that a week using a realistic simulator provides the same experience as a year on board ship.

Jan Michelsen, who heads Force Technology’s Simulation, Ports & Training Department, commented: “With our focus on realism boosted by VR and AR accessibility, Force Technology has taken the lead in cloud training with SimFlex Cloud. We are confident that our flexible approach will enable our customers to optimise their navigational training programmes across borders on land and at sea.”

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore