28 new Marco Polo projects to receive funding

Following projects were selected under the 2008 call for proposals to receive funding in the framework of the Marco Polo II programme:

Autonorm: new rail service for finished vehicles from the factory in Pitesti, Romania, to the hub of Valenton, France
Aveline: this project will develop a ferry shipping service between Lübeck, Germany, and Liepaja, Latvia
Cares: new block train service between Bucharest, Romania, and Suzzara and Verona, Italy, as well as between Curtici, Romania, and Kösekoy, Turkey, transporting cars, LCV and trucks
COPVIT: new combined inland waterway-rail service between Passau, Germany, and Vidin, Bulgaria, (by inland shipping) Istanbul, Turkey, and Thessaloniki, Greece (by block train)
Corat: upgrade of an existing rail service by increasing its capacity, linking Klaipeda and Kaunus, Lithuania, Zilupe, Riga, Liepaja and Ventspils, Latvia and Russia, wicth the purchase of 300 new railway fitting platforms
Dutch-Russian lo-lo: new regular lo-lo shipping service between Harlingen, the Netherlands, and Ventspils, Latvia, with rail transport from Ventspils to Moscow
Enercon Tri-modal: implementation of non-road transport solutions for wind energy converters, from Germany to Portugal and other locations in Europe, by rail/ship/road
EURO Reefer Rail: new railway service for refrigerated container transport between selected countries
FerroChem Italia: new direct combined rail service of dangerous goods between Marseille/Fos, France, and Milan, Italy
Gateway-to-Moscow: new regular railoway corridor for the carriage of containers between Zeebrugge, Belgium, and Moscow, Russia
HÖDI: new regular shuttle train connection between Neuss, Germany, and Schwertberg, Austria, to transport finished vehicles
IGOR: new container shipping service between Antwerp, Belgium, and Hamina, Finland, in combination with a rail link from Hamina to St Petersburg, Russia
Katarsys/Intrasys: new intermodal transport chain connecting Italy to Bulgaria and Romania via road, shortsea shipping and rail
Kobalink: upgrading of a shipping service linking the two car terminals Koper, Slovenia, and Barcelona, Spain
Kotcar: new shortsea shipping line linking Antwerp, Belgium, and hamburg and Bremerhaven, Germany, to Kotka, Finland
KTS: new block train to link Kronospan group manufacturing plants in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania to a distribution centre in Italy
OBSTE: upgrade of an existing roro/ropax shipping service between Lübeck, Germany, and St Petersburg, Russia
OFE: new rail service between Zeebrugge and Antwerp, Belgium, to Ottmarsheim, France
Proxal-2: rail service for Nestle full water bottles from France to Germany
ROLBAL: new regular container shuttle train connection between Barcelona, Spain, and Lyon, France
S.C.AD.AE: new combined short sea shipping and rail line connecting some Adriatic ports with some Aegean ports
TOVAL: new direct block train connection from Turin, Italy, to Valladolid, Spain, for the automotive freight sector
Trains to Spain and back: new regular shuttle train connection between Verona, Italy, and Mouguerre, France, for 45' containers
Ulysses: new regular maritime service between Genoa/Catania, Italy, and Patras/Igoumenitsa, Greece, for the transport of trailers, semi-trailers and other rolling cargo
Zakarpattya Express: new regular shuttle trains connection fro containerised cargo from Nuremberg, Germany, to Chop at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border, final destination Lviv and Kiev, Ukraine
FGI System: new rail service between Chatelet, Belgium, and Orbassano, Italy, as well as Chatelet and Mouguerre/Le Boulou, Spain for the transportation of flat glass
In addition two learning actions will be funded: AGORA for improving management capabilities of intermodal terminal operators and GLAD for improving the inderstanding of intermodal freight transport.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore