Informed consent made easy

By providing my consent, I agree that MTU – “a Rolls-Royce Solution” (Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG) will process my email address, my telephone, if I indicate them, and my other registration data and that Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG processes this data  in order to provide me with personalized communications regarding topics of interest relating to  MTU products and solutions, including technical articles, case studies, white papers, news articles, webinars and videos. 

I therefore consent to my e-mail address and my other provided data - including my phone number (if provided) - being processed by Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG together with information on my interests and preferences in order to send me these communications via e-mail. 

I also consent to be emailed or called (if I provide my phone number) by a salesperson of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG or its local subsidiary in my country in order to inform me about MTU products and solutions.

This will allow either Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG or salespersons of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG subsidiaries that reside in my location to contact me on such topics. This also includes sending me e-mails asking me for feedback or own suggestions or for actualizing my data. 

In order to optimize communications Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will analyze whether communications by email are opened by me and which links I click on.

I also agree that Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG personalizes these emails or considers information on my interests in phone calls, if these are covered by my consent, in order to best meet my interests, based on my data. 

For that purpose I agree that  Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG may use information that  Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG collects from me, either from other future downloads of content or webinar registrations or from my filling out a contact form or by cookie information about my visits on the MTU (Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG)website, that will be analyzed by a marketing tool once I have given this consent. 

This information may include the following details:

  • Personal contact data (name, company, role/function, city, country, state, country, e-mail, eventually phone number)
  • Job title, department, industry information about the company where I am employed (e.g. branch, number of employees)
  • Webinars that I have registered for and that I have joined 
  • Website content that I have visited
  • Categories of my topics of interests concerning MTU  products or solutions, such as: gas, diesel, marine, facility / vessel / equipment types, fuel types, load requirements, etc.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will process my personal data as described in its Privacy Notice. I can revoke my consent at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each marketing mail e-mail or by sending a request to dataprivacy.salesnoSpam@noSpammtu-online.com. In this case Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will immediately stop analyzing my data, delete my data and stop providing me with these communications. For technical reasons the latter may take up to [15] business days. I can also revoke my consent specifically with regard to processing my phone, in this case Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will delete these data and stop contacting me for marketing purposes via these channels.