Smart Shipping

Autonomous ships, the smart port, 3D visualisation, cyber security, big data, blockchain  and automated monitoring are of great impact to the maritime industry.


Industry 4.0

Revolutionising the landscape of the maritime market

As one of the world’s major forms of transportation and logistics, the global shipping market also benefits from and endures a myriad of market drivers and stressors. Making sense of it all can be confounding. Now, with the age of Industry 4.0, a new wave of developments is driving the sector to deliver ever more efficient techniques and technologies, writes freelance journalist Katerina Kerr.

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Testing autonomous technology in various environments

The four-year Horizon 2020 project, Autoship, will research and develop innovative technologies relating to ship automation. These are likely to include autonomous navigation systems, intelligent machinery arangements, self diagnostics, prognostics, communication technology supported by appropriate cyber security, and the integration of ships into upgraded e-infrastructure. Recently, project partner Kongsberg announced that it will install and test autonomous technology on two vessels in different operational environments. This project is receiving funding of almost NOK 200 million (EUR 20.1 million) from the EU research programme.

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Asset health

Moving the maritime industry towards a condition-based future

Just as in the aerospace and automotive sectors, the adoption of ‘smart’ technology continues to accelerate across the maritime sector as shipowners embrace novel systems that provide better visibility of the operating health of their assets.

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