Smart Shipping

Autonomous ships, the smart port, 3D visualisation, cyber security, big data, blockchain  and automated monitoring are of great impact to the maritime industry.


Asset health

Moving the maritime industry towards a condition-based future

Just as in the aerospace and automotive sectors, the adoption of ‘smart’ technology continues to accelerate across the maritime sector as shipowners embrace novel systems that provide better visibility of the operating health of their assets.

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Smart technology transforms ship safety

The smart, low-power, IoT microsensor technology of a Norwegian start-up company overcomes a challenge which, until now, has proved insurmountable to technologists and marine electronics engineers.

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Autonomous Vessels

The future of shipping?

The past few months have seen various concepts and projects come to life in the fields of autonomous and remotely controlled vessel operation. The major players Wärtsilä, ABB and Rolls-Royce have demonstrated what is already possible with the deployment of intelligent sensors and automated systems.

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