Offshore Wind

The expansion of offshore wind energy will benefit not only manufacturers of wind turbines but also ports with new business fields and revenue sources, shipping companies and the maritime supply industry.


Latest figures

Record growth in global offshore wind capacity

Worldwide, 2021 was another record-breaking year for the offshore wind industry, according to latest figures from UK analyst Clarkson Research. While new additions to the grid were modest in Europe, China overtook UK as the largest offshore wind market.

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Installation and maintenance

Advanced weather awareness optimises asset management

As the global offshore wind energy industry moves further out to sea because prime resource locations closer to shore are already occupied, offshore wind farm development faces a number of operational challenges that extend beyond the assessment of offshore wind resources to the transportation, installation, maintenance and service of wind turbines.

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Simulation tool to support design of floating units

A digital simulation tool has been unveiled, Opera, to support the modelling, assurance and certification of floating structures, particularly floating wind turbines

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