Offshore Wind

The expansion of offshore wind energy will benefit not only manufacturers of wind turbines but also ports with new business fields and revenue sources, shipping companies and the maritime supply industry.


International Consortium

Floating wind farm to be developed off Ulsan coast

An international consortium has been set up to develop a floating wind farm off the coast of Ulsan in South Korea.

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A new generation of jack-up vessels

With the dawn of the new 12-MW offshore wind turbines, installation capacities of the current, third generation wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs) will be pushed to the limits and beyond. A new generation of jack-up vessels is necessary to serve the future offshore wind industry..

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Preparing for a marked wind change in global energy future

Whilst the wind industry has been on a growth path for several decades now, huge strides have been made in the past year to make offshore wind energy more viable as a leading source of power. This is rather than a supplementary one for many economies blessed with access to deep waters and strong winds. While we may still rely heavily on traditional sources of power for most of the world’s energy needs, thanks to significant advances in offshore wind technologies and increased investment in developing supporting infrastructure, wind power is on the rise.

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