Green Ship Technology

Driven by new environmental regulations and an increasing awareness of ecological issues, a significant trend towards greener systems along with better efficiency is gaining momentum throughout the maritime industry.


Rotor sails

A compelling strategy for maritime decarbonisation

First fitted to a vessel over 100 years ago, rotor sails technology has now been successfully redeveloped as a modern way to help the push towards industry-wide decarbonisation. The cost saving case alone is compelling for shipowners around the globe, writes Joe Baker, Mechanical Engineer at UK-based Anemoi Marine Technologies.

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Ammonia fuel cells for deep-sea shipping

Interest in ammonia-powered fuel cells for the maritime sector is growing, but stakeholders have een hesitant to commit to investments in large-scale systems. Now the EU-funded ShipFC project is aiming to secure a place for ammonia in the future of deep-sea shipping.

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Reducing GHG emissions of existing fleet and newbuildings

Much of the mitigation in GHG emissions from shipping has come from reducing ship speeds to save fuel, particularly in the container sector. That appears to be coming to an end as the combination of low fuel costs, skyrocketing freight rates which have increased ten-fold in some cases over the last 18 months, and an effective cut in capacity due to heavy port congestion have all seen vessel speeds rising again. With the innovative Windship design, deep-sea shipping could see a shift towards zero-carbon operation, writes freelance journalist Nick Savvides.

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