Green Ship Technology

Driven by new environmental regulations and an increasing awareness of ecological issues, a significant trend towards greener systems along with better efficiency is gaining momentum throughout the maritime industry.


Climate-neutral shipping

Managing methane slip

Does the issue of methane slip affect the climate-benefits of LNG as an engine fuel for marine applications? MAN Energy Solutions remains convinced that the switch to LNG marks an important first step towards climate-neutral shipping and has prioritised the resolution of methane slip accordingly.

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Reearch Project

Hydrodynamic optimisation of a zero-emission fast catamaran

A current study conducted by the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) focuses on the hydrodynamic hull form optimisation of a zero-emission, battery-driven, fast catamaran. Part of the Horizon 2020 European Research project “TrAM – Transport: Advanced and Modular”, the aim of the project is to demonstrate that electrically powered ferries can be fast and competitive in terms of service, environmental impact and life-cycle cost.

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