Green Ship Technology

Driven by new environmental regulations and an increasing awareness of ecological issues, a significant trend towards greener systems along with better efficiency is gaining momentum throughout the maritime industry.


Hybrid power

Meeting demand for low-emission, high-efficiency propulsion

The combination of new and existing technologies can make a major contribution to cleaner operations but safety issues must be understood and addressed

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The potential of fuel cells

Of the numerous future fuel options available when considering the IMO’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships, hydrogen is one of the top choices currently on the table. One way that hydrogen can be used for energy production is in a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell. The power generated can be used both for propulsion and other power requirements, giving it large potential for sustainable maritime operations.

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Rotor sails

A compelling strategy for maritime decarbonisation

First fitted to a vessel over 100 years ago, rotor sails technology has now been successfully redeveloped as a modern way to help the push towards industry-wide decarbonisation. The cost saving case alone is compelling for shipowners around the globe, writes Joe Baker, Mechanical Engineer at UK-based Anemoi Marine Technologies.

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