Green Ship Technology

Driven by new environmental regulations and an increasing awareness of ecological issues, a significant trend towards greener systems along with better efficiency is gaining momentum throughout the maritime industry.


Sustainable Options

Pathways to decarbonisation

The industry’s engagement with sustainability is a long-term process, but owners should start to consider their options, writes Georgios Plevrakis, director of Global Sustainability at the classification society ABS.

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Exhaust Gas Cleaning

Dry desulphurisation and dedusting processes

To clean ship exhaust gases, Austria-based Andritz AG offers wet scrubbers (SeaSOxwet) in open loop, closed loop, and hybrid versions. The company’s latest development is a combined dry-based desulphurisation/dust removal plant – the Andritz SeaSOxdry.

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Emission Reduction

Hull performance management and biosecurity by cleaning

Hull performance is a key factor in emission reduction and fuel economy, and can ensure biosecure global maritime transport. Especially on underwater parts which are exposed to currents, hull performance is crucial.

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