Green Ship Technology

Driven by new environmental regulations and an increasing awareness of ecological issues, a significant trend towards greener systems along with better efficiency is gaining momentum throughout the maritime industry.


Emission Reduction

Hull performance management and biosecurity by cleaning

Hull performance is a key factor in emission reduction and fuel economy, and can ensure biosecure global maritime transport. Especially on underwater parts which are exposed to currents, hull performance is crucial.

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Ballast Water Treatment

2022 identified as likely peak year for installations

The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004, entered into force globally on September 8th 2017. Following this date, all new ships must meet the D2 standard [1]. All ships undergoing the renewal of their IOPPC (International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate) after this year’s September 8th will need to meet the D2 standard by the date of this renewal survey.

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Sulphur Cap

Ban on open-loop scrubber discharge

Several countries have announced a ban on using open-loop scrubbers in their ports and inland waters, among them Belgium, Ireland and parts of the United States. Most recently, Singapore and China joined that list.

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