SMM Daily News 2018

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Europort Daily News

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VDMA Special

In cooperation with the VDMA (German Engineering Association), working group shipbuilding and offshore supply industry, Schiff&Hafen prepared a new edition of the image brochure "German Marine Equipment" that exemplifies the innovative competence of German shipbuilding suppliers and is aimed primarily at ship owners and shipyards. The edition is featuring a “GreenGuide” that emphasises the environmentally friendly characteristics of the presented technologies.



Following the lifting of trade sanctions in January 2016, funds have quickly been released that make Iran one of the most exciting maritime and offshore growth prospects in the years ahead.

CIMAC Congress 2016 in Helsinki

The 28th CIMAC World Congress on Combustion Engines is held in Helsinki, from June 6th - 10th, 2016.

The Ship&Offshore/Schiff&Hafen Special comprises the abstracts of all the presentations given during the congress.



SMM 2016 - New Hall A5

Preparations for SMM 2016 are in full swing: From September 6th to 9th, more than 2,100 exhibitors from roughly 70 countries will meet in Hamburg for the leading international maritime trade fair. Green propulsion will be a top item on the agenda. Ship&Offshore spoke with Claus Ulrich Selbach, business unit director of SMM and WindEnergy Hamburg at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, about the new Hall A5 which is being erected specifically to showcase innovative green propulsion technologies.


Dutch Maritime Industry

The Dutch maritime and offshore industries benefit from conveniently situated marine hubs such as Rotterdam, a rich maritime history and innovative, highly specialised companies.
A booming international offshore market – in the oil and gas as well as wind energy sectors – provides plenty of promising opportunities for shipyards, suppliers and operators alike.



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SMM: On course for success a 25th time

Hamburg‘s character has been shaped by the sea. Situated on the Elbe River near its outlet into the North Sea, the city is Germany‘s biggest port. But it is inseparably linked to seafaring not only because of the goods transshipped there. In the yards of the city, ships have been built, serviced and repaired for centuries, and numerous Hamburg-based shipping companies operate global merchant fleets. Suppliers, universities, insurers, finance companies and classification societies are headquartered in and around Hamburg, known and respected worldwide as a maritime centre. As the maritime capital of a country that has been a world leader in shipbuilding for decades, the Hanseatic city – a moniker harking back to its role in the Hanseatic League, a powerful medieval trading association – has been able to establish itself as the pre-eminent meeting place of the international shipbuilding industry. For about a half-century, shipbuilders and shipowners, suppliers and maritime associations from all over the world have been coming to the world‘s leading maritime industry trade fair, SMM, in the halls on Hamburg‘s fairgrounds. This year will be the 25th time.


"Selandia" - A Century of Diesel Propulsion in Worldwide Shipping

February 17th 1912 will always be remembered as the day worldwide motorised shipping was born. On that historic date the motor ship Selandia was delivered to the Danish trading firm East Asiatic Company by Danish shipyard and diesel engine producer Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen. She is considered to have been the world's first large oceangoing, diesel-powered ship, with a range previously only achieved by steam-powered vessels that had to rebunker en route. 
The success story of the diesel engine goes back to an ingenious idea by the German inventor Rudolf Diesel 20 years earlier, for which he made a patent application to the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin on February 27th 1892.