Ship&Offshore 3/2019


Shipbuilding & Equipment

Alternative Propulsion Systems
- Gas-powered engines for the shipping industry
- New hybrid thruster technology unveiled
- First all-electric ferry set to join Gothenburg’s transport network
- Hydrogen to help shipping “chart a route”
- Propulsion systems for autonomous container ship
- Rotor Sail design receives type approval
Corrosion Protection:
Ships’ Paint & Surface Technology
- Hull performance management and biosecurity by cleaning
Industry News
- Structural adhesive for marine applications
- Microfibre technology to reinforce new hull coating
- Engine maker unveils digital platform
- Avoidance of uncontrolled movement, damage
- Deck cradle for life-rafts

In Focus

- Offshore Technology

Ship Operation

Industry news
- Autonomous ship alliance gains new member and funding boost
- Emissions measuring device unveiled
- New inclinometer to meet latest tugboat safety regulations
- Oil major introduces VLSFO in some locations


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