Ship&Offshore 8/2018


Shipbuilding & Equipment

Propulsion & Manoeuvring Technology
- Reduction of parasitic losses in medium-speed diesel engines
Industry News
- All-electric ferry conversion completed in Sweden
- New series of marine control drives
- 3D digital classification
- LNG hybrid dredger for Bordeaux
- New range of electric motor systems to be launched
- Accredited lightweight life-raft range now available
- New VEM technology on display
- Converting gravity toilets
- Damen lays keel for marine aggregate dredger

Offshore & Marine Technology

Subsea Technology
- The new driving force for subsea control systems
Industry News
- Subsea production manifold installation
- Laser sensor for offshore wind sector
- ‘Pre-prototype’ nodule collector launched
- Digital twin for offshore wind sector
- Wind floater awarded class AiP
- Offshore wind sector to underpin helicopter demand

In Focus

- Green Ship Technology

Ship Operation

Navigation & Communication
Cyber Security
- Tackling cyber risks in the real world
- Extra protection for computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets
Industry News
- Ship-to-ship oil transfer system launched in Sweden
- Wireless system for tracking and controlling refrigerated containers


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