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EDITORIAL NO 030 | 2022

A South Korean yard won a US$495 million contract for two liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers from a European customer this week as LNG demand worldwide continues to rise. Orders won by Chinese yards this week included a tanker with dual-fuel…

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EDITORIAL NO 029 | 2022

South Korea won another large order for container vessels this week as the boom in container shipping continues. Chinese orders included heavy-lift freighters, car carriers and a wind farm installation platform. In the naval sector, more new…

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EDITORIAL NO 028 | 2022

A 1.2 billion euro cruise ship contract for an unnamed customer was announced in Europe this week, bringing more hopes the cruise sector is recovering from the pandemic. South Korean orders included a large ferry and a deal for product carriers.…

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EDITORIAL NO 027 | 2022

In Europe, an initial deal for gas-powered cruise ships was announced, bringing hope the cruise sector may be recovering from the pandemic. US$2.2 billion worth of orders for gas carriers were placed in South Korea. A South Korean yard also said it…

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EDITORIAL NO 026 | 2022

Chinese yards had a busy week with orders including feeder container ships, bulk carriers and tankers. Alternative fuels for ships were again a dominant theme this week. A Japanese consortium announced the start of a joint project aimed at developing…

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EDITORIAL NO 025 | 2022

South Korea this week won contracts worth US$3 billion for 14 liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers as demand for liquified natural gas (LNG) continues to surge. Chinese energy groups are separately seeking yards to build 15 gas carriers. Chinese…

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EDITORIAL NO 024 | 2022

Overall, it was a quiet week for orders in the main Asian shipbuilding countries, with uncertainty about global economic growth, high prices caused by expensive commodities and a lack of newbuilding slots after the recent order surge burdening the…

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EDITORIAL NO 023 | 2022

South Korean yards won orders worth billions of dollars this week, with gas carriers and environmentally friendly ships again driving demand. Gas carriers for US$874.7 million were reportedly won for Qatar while other large gas carrier orders from…

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EDITORIAL NO 022 | 2022

Container ship contracts worth over US$1.6 billion were shared by yards in South Korea and Japan this week, with environmentally friendliness of new ships a key issue. A successful week for Chinese yards included orders for container ships and…

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EDITORIAL NO 021 | 2022

Chinese and South Korean yards won more orders for container ships this week. A European company is set to order 8,000-TEU ships in Korea, while smaller feeder vessels are also in focus as the global container shipping boom continues. In addition,…

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EDITORIAL NO 020 | 2022

The newbuilding market for LNG carriers again generated huge orders for South Korean yards this week. A US$910 million order from Asia was signed along with US$672 million deal for Africa. More details were also given of an Asian project set to…

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EDITORIAL NO 019 | 2022

South Korean yards were this week reported to have won a billion dollar order for 8,000-TEU container ships with gas propulsion. Chinese yards were also reported to be in talks about building 8,000-TEU container ships. Japanese yards had a successful…

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EDITORIAL NO 018 | 2022

Chinese yards achieved a brisk order intake this week with deals including container feeder ships, larger boxships, car carriers and gas carriers. South Korea won contracts for product carriers and Japan container ships. Alternative, environmentally…

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EDITORIAL NO 017 | 2022

European customers placed orders for gas carriers with South Korean yards this week, with belief the continuing war in Ukraine will turn Europe away from Russian gas imports for the long term. In China, a US$1.6 billion boxship order was reported…

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EDITORIAL NO 016 | 2022

South Korean yards continued their high order intake in the past week with deals including container ships, car carriers and gas carriers. Chinese orders included gas carriers in separate deals along with orders for bulk carriers. On the U.S. market,…

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EDITORIAL NO 015 | 2022

South Korean yards continued their strong start to the year with a series of large orders. Deals included container ships, product carriers and LNG carriers. South Korean shipbuilders won most merchant shipping newbuilding orders placed worldwide in…

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EDITORIAL NO 014 | 2022

Contracts of this week won by South Korean yards include a series of gas carriers, with one deal worth some US$449 million. A US$150 million contract relates to container ships for Europe. A US$380 million deal for gas carriers was also reported for…

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EDITORIAL NO 013 | 2022

South Korea continued its recent order success this week with a US$656 million container vessel deal for Asia. More details emerged of a US$20 billion container ship newbuilding plan with contracts set to be divided between yards in Korea and Japan.…

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EDITORIAL NO 012 | 2022

A large volume of orders was received by yards in Asia this week, often from undisclosed customers. In South Korea, deals included feeder container ships along with almost US$1 billion of orders of LNG carriers. China also won almost US$1 billion in…

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EDITORIAL NO 011 | 2022

Some large newbuilding orders were placed in Asia this week despite the continued global investment uncertainty caused by the fighting in Ukraine. A US$494 million contract for container ships with LNG propulsion was placed in South Korea with a…

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EDITORIAL NO 010 | 2022

The conflict in Ukraine continues to depress the global investment climate this week, but Chinese yards managed to win a series of newbuilding orders. Chinese contracts included container ships and gas carriers, while talks about further gas tanker…

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EDITORIAL NO 009 | 2022

The general uncertainty in the world economy following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine delayed new investment decisions this week, depressing the overall number of merchant shipbuilding orders. Several deals for container ships of varying sizes were…

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EDITORIAL NO 008 | 2022

China won orders including container ships and heavy-lift vessels this week. South Korea landed valuable gas tanker deals. In Europe, large ferry newbuilding projects in Spain and Italy are moving forward. The naval sector was active. Yards were…

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EDITORIAL NO 007 | 2022

Large upcoming orders for gas carriers were reported for South Korean and Chinese yards this week, with competition growing for available shipbuilding slots. Other orders in Korea included container ships for Europe. China reported a range of deals…