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Skangas completes 1,000 LNG bunkering operations in 2017

Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018

Skangas, a Finnish-Norwegian supplier of LNG in Nordic markets, successfully completed 1,000 liquid natural gas (LNG) bunkering operations in 2017, a 60% increase over previous years. The company reveals that the increase stems from growing LNG demand for new vessels deployed on regular routes, as well as larger supplies to tramp and spot markets.

Truck to ship operation of LNG bunkering (Photo: Skangas)

Gunnar Helmen, Skangas Sales Manager – Marine, explained the background. “As more and more operators convert their ships to clean fuel with LNG and dual-fuelled engines to power them, demand has risen significantly. This is particularly true in European waters where, until recently, most of the traffic consisted of ferries and RoPax cruise ferries routinely travelling set routes. Today, the supply pattern is more diverse due to the use of a greater variety of vessels that require different types of bunkering solutions.”
A key initiative during the year was the commissioning of the bunker-feeder vessel Coralius which provides a ship-to-ship bunkering service at sea. This has enabled Skangas to become more flexible in responding to vessels that require LNG without visiting a terminal or port. LNG is now available from a network of Skangas terminals, its production facility near Stavanger, and via truck-to-truck bunkering at ports throughout the Nordic countries.
Skangas is 70% owned by Finnish natural gas operator Gasum Oy and 30% by Norwegian power company Lyse.