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Shell U.S. expands marine LNG bunkering

Friday, 10 Nov 2017

U.S. yard VT Halter Marine has an order for an offshore articulated LNG tug-barge from newly formed U.S. marine transport company Quality Liquefied Natural Gas Transport LLC (Q-LNG).

The offshore ATB will deliver LNG to various ports in Florida and the Caribbean (Illustration: Harvey gulf)

The vessel will be used to work on a long-term contract Q-LNG has signed with Shell Trading (U.S.) to deliver LNG to ports in Florida and the Caribbean. The LNG Articulated Tug and Barge (ATB) will meet requirements of the International Gas Carrier code, with capacity for up to 4,000cu.m of LNG. The barge will be 108m long and will be pushed by a 42m-long tug. The project will rely heavily on the collaboration between VT Halter and Wärtsilä, who will be delivering a large scope of equipment to the project. Wärtsilä’s deliverables for the barge include all of the cargo handling, cargo control, and cargo containment system as well as the PMS and automation onboard. For the tug, equipment from Wärtsilä will include all of the bridge navigation, communications, and dynamic positioning equipment as well as thruster, PMS and automation. Q-LNG is 70% owned by Shane Guidry, chief executive officer of Harvey Gulf International Marine, and 30% owned by New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf. Q-LNG will own and operate assets that provide marine transportation of liquefied natural gas, a critical component of U.S. LNG infrastructure.