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SAL Heavy Lift back in German hands

Friday, 04 Aug 2017

Bremen-based Harren & Partner has bought SAL Heavy Lift from Japan’s “K” Line which has owned the 27-year-old company since 2011.

With a head office in the Altes Land region just outside Hamburg, SAL Heavy Lift and its offshore subsidiary SAL Offshore specialise in heavy-lift and project cargoes, and plant installations for the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors respectively. SAL has access to a flexible fleet of 15 heavy-lift vessels and a global network comprising offices or agents in 25 countries.
The acquisition strengthens Harren & Partner’s presence in the super heavy-lift market. The company already owns Combi Lift which operates multi-purpose vessels from around 300-tonne crane capacity. Now, it will also have a range of heavy-lift units including some high-end DP2 offshore construction vessels with combined crane capacity of up to 2,000 tonnes. SAL and Combi Lift, though under common ownership, will continue to operate independently but Harren & Partner will now control a diversified fleet of 26 heavy-lift vessels.